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    Das Biogas BHKW inklusive Container von TEDOM SCHNELL.

    Combined Heat and Power Units



    Our Biogas CHP Units

    TEDOM SCHNELL’s gas CHP unit combines innovative technology with deep expertise in generating electricity from biogas. Its low gas consumption and high ease of use make it the perfect solution for all biogas plant owners interested in high total system efficiencies.


    CHP Unit Technologies

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    Cleverly Combined for Maximum Efficiency

    Gas CHP units from TEDOM SCHNELL derive their power from the careful integration of their components. Proven, high-quality gas engines deliver high total system efficiency.

    When combined with TEDOM SCHNELL’s intelligent CHP technology, they form a high-efficiency system that generates power from biogas and sewage gas at electrical efficiencies as high as 43 percent.

    To our technologies

    Our Service Promise

    We maintain cutting-edge simulation systems and state-of-the-art quality assurance and testing facilities at our headquarters in Wangen, Germany, so we can develop the very best end-to-end solution for you.

    Each unit has to pass an exhaustive factory test on our test benches before we ship it.

    To our services

    Custom Energy Strategies

    The heart and soul of every onsite energy generation plant is its combined heat and power (CHP) unit. Because it produces heat and electricity, it is more efficient than conventional generation and delivers higher yields. 

    Each situation is different, though. That’s why you need a CHP unit tailored to your unique circumstances and energy strategy. All modules support flexible marketing and grid stabilization.

    To the application areas

    CHP Units for Biogas 30 - 2,000 kW Electrical

    Biogas BHKW Micro

    MICRO 30 – 44 kW Electrical

    • Low operating and maintenance costs
    • Low noise
    • Long operating life
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    BHKW Flexi Biogas

    FLEXI 150-525 kW Electrical

    • Outstanding efficiency for professional biogas operation
    • Up to 43% efficiency
    • Proven with passive prechamber
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    Biogas und Erdgas BHKW Maxi von TEDOM SCHNELL

    MAXI 800-1,950 kW Electrical

    • Large and rugged
    • Flexible and efficient
    • Powerful
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    Flexible Marketing

    TEDOM SCHNELL combined heat and power units are the ideal choice for effectively marketing the power you generate in the reserve energy market. 

    • Direct Marketing = Exchange Proceeds + CHP Surcharge
      Your chosen partner sells your electricity on the electricity exchange. This does not change the operation of your unit in any way.
    • Reserve Power = Demand Rate + Energy Rate
      Use your system to offset fluctuations in grid power quality while earning healthy profits in the reserve energy market.
    • Demand-Driven Export = Additional Exchange Proceeds
      Increase the return on your biogas plant by generating electricity when market demand is strong. To do this, your unit has to participate in direct marketing.
    Do you want to start developing your biogas CHP unit today?
    Our experts would be delighted to draw up a custom solution proposal for you!