Easy, Efficient Energy Generation from Biogas.

The gas CHP unit from TEDOM SCHNELL combines innovative technology with deep expertise in generating electricity from biogas. Its low gas consumption and high ease of use make it the perfect solution for all biogas plant owners interested in high total system efficiencies.


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Heat and Power from Biogas and Lean Gases

Biogas plays a major role in the shift away from conventional power generation and toward renewables. To get the most out of biogas, though, you need a reliable cogeneration plant that combines high efficiency with excellent flexibility. The biogas CHP unit delivers. It is the ideal choice for any project that requires low consumption and superior efficiency – from new systems to expansion to repowering. Its efficient thermal output can even support heat applications such as drying or refrigeration in addition to electricity generation.

Cleverly Combined for Maximum Efficiency

Gas CHP units from TEDOM SCHNELL derive their power from the careful integration of their components. Proven, high-quality gas engines deliver high total system efficiency. When combined with TEDOM SCHNELL’s intelligent CHP technology, they form a high-efficiency system that generates power from biogas and sewage gas at electrical efficiencies as high as 43 percent.

Installation Tailored to You

TEDOM SCHNELL gas CHP units are easy to integrate and adapt to your unique local circumstances. They are known for reliability, robustness and efficiency – from turnkey compact modules to sound-insulated container and engine room solutions.

Biogas CHP Units

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